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Hypothesis Series

American IPA

Our latest experiment focused on finding the perfect hop mix and timing the addition just right. The result? A blend of Amarillo, Cascade and Ahtanum leading to a citrusy IPA full of orange, grapefruit and a hint of tangerine notes. It too is timeless and real horrorshow!

6.4% ABV               61 IBU

Belgian Inspired IIPA

Designed after experimenting with some of our top customers, this Belgian inspired Imperial IPA delivers a big citrusy taste with notes of tangerine and grapefruit, finishing nicely with a touch of locally-sourced honey.

9.0% ABV               104 IBU

Pale Ale

Fulfilling the Pale Ale requirement, this version has evolved from the 3rd batch of home brew we made more than 10 years before the official launch of Merrimack Ales. Our love of “beer experimentation” led us to refine the grain bill, helped us land on the perfect mix of Pacific NW hops and inspired the decision to develop a special in-house yeast blend. The result? A malty body ale with a floral/citrusy nose and a clean bitter finish.

5.4% ABV               39 IBU

Specialty Beer

Why should kids have all the fun on Halloween? We’ve re-animated a honey wheat for the season with blood orange, locally sourced cranberry honey, and hibiscus. This big red wheat ale should be a spooktacular part of your Halloween celebration!

8.5% ABV               30 IBU

BA Imperial Porter

Our first anniversary brew is an imperial porter aged in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels with roasted sweet potatoes and vanilla beans.
*** This beer contains Lactose ***

10.0% ABV               47 IBU