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    Currently Available Brews!

    Strike Zone Blonde Ale:

    ABV: 4 % – Strike Zone Blonde is clean, crisp and refreshing. This light bodied blonde has a light malt and hop character that is
    perfect for mowing the lawn or enjoying the firepit.

    Honey White Chai:

    ABV: 5.8% – Honey White Chai offers a truly unique beer. This Belgian white is brewed with raw honey and a chai/chamomile mix of
    spices. The result is a big chai aroma followed by a supremely balanced ale that brings sweetness from the honey and flavor
    from the spices. By no means a pumpkin beer, our Fall/Winter spiced ale should not be missed.

    Lowell Lager:

    ABV: 5% – Our Vienna-style lager is brewed with traditional Vienna malt and modestly hopped with American Willamette,
    producing a slightly malt forward beer that can be enjoyed all day long.

    Bolt Street Brown:

    ABV: 5% – This American Brown ale has a great malt forward taste with a hint of nut. Cascade and Willamette hops give it a nice finish.

    Who is Keyser Gose?:

    ABV: 4.1% – Our Gose is a light bodied sour that has wild Maine blueberry up front and a fresh lemon finish. Brewed with wild Maine berries and lemon zest, this product is pasteurized and is shelf stable.

    Rosie's Coffee Stout:

    ABV: 7% – Our coffee stout is brewed with dark roasted malts, oats, and a touch of brown sugar. Then we infuse it with a cold brew
    coffee made from Sulawezi and Papua New Guinea beans.

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout:

    ABV: 6.2% – A rich stout with roasted peanut aroma and a taste of chocolate.

    Maple Cream Porter:

    ABV: 6.7% – Our porter is back with a healthy dose of NH maple syrup. It’s a great dessert beer.

    Cheetah DIPA:

    ABV: 8% – ‘You wicked cheetah!’, screamed all the other fans. This New England style DIPA uses a few cheater hops to give you a big fruit
    juicy aroma and flavor profile: Amarillo, Citra, Mosaic, and Vic Secret from Australia.

    Ginger Beer

    A refreshing ginger bite with citrusy notes from lime zest.

    Merrimack Ales First Brews!

    Merrimack Ales Alt Hypothesis
    Alt Hypothesis

    Our passion is fueled by a love of experimentation combined with the art and craftsmanship of small batch brewing. This is our take on an Albier from Dusseldorf, Germany. An amber colored brew with a rich malty nose and body with a surprising hop finish.

    Merrimack Ales First Article
    First Article

    Our passion is fueled by a love of experimentation combined with the art and craftsmanship of small batch brewing. In this IPA, rich barley malts and spicy rye malt combine with 5 different hops to produce a complex bodied ale punctuated by layered hop flavor and aromas that we hypothesize you’ll enjoy!

    Merrimack Ales Honey White Ale
    Honey White

    Inspired by the lyrics of Mark Sandman and his band Morphine, we hypothesize this unfiltered White Ale infused with locally sourced orange blossom honey will have you saying “It’s Sweet and Good.”

    Imperial IPA

    Designed after experimenting with some of our top customers, this Belgian inspired Imperial IPA delivers a big citrusy taste with notes of tangerine and grapefruit, finishing nicely with a touch of locally-sourced honey.

    Merrimack Ales Vigor Chocolate Oatmeal Stout

    Rich roasted and chocolate malts mingle with oats and just enough hops to tame that sweetness. A secondary fermentation over cocoa provides just the right chocolaty finish to help take your mind off the long and unpredictable New England winter weather.

    Merrimack Ales Maple Porter
    Maple Porter

    As our New England weather gets chillier, we here at Merrimack Ales crave a more robust brew. This porter with maple aroma, rich, chocolaty malt and a creamy mouthfeel should be just the ticket. We hope you think so too!

    Pale Ale

    Fulfilling the Pale Ale requirement, this version has evolved from the 3rd batch of home brew we made more than 10 years before the official launch of Merrimack Ales. Our love of “beer experimentation” led us to refine the grain bill, helped us land on the perfect mix of Pacific NW hops and inspired the decision to develop a special in-house yeast blend. The result? A malty body ale with a floral/citrusy nose and a clean bitter finish.

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